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Brand concept

Ronghua Furniture Factory in the course of more than ten years of high-speed development, the effective combination of Chinese and Western culture, successfully launched the "Kuka" and "Muningsida" two brands of products; "Kuka" series of the original Chinese family monotonous living room home into the fashion and rich artistic taste of the modern home era. "Muningsida" series, originated from Italian artistic achievements, interpretation of life model, exquisite and authentic craftsmanship, lines and colors of the study and collocation, everywhere reveals Italian style charm, the Italian postmodern life expression of the original flavor, is the Italian "dynamic and practical" trend.


Enterprise course

In 1985, merningda was founded in Germany, adhering to the professional fashion design and exquisite workmanship.
In 1990, following the 20-year essence of Muningsta, combining with the East and West household culture, with professional design and exquisite craftsmanship, we brought to our customer partners a sense of life in which personal taste and dignity complement each other.
In 2005, over the past 20 years, Muningsta has become a world-renowned furniture brand, serving consumers of many different skin colors in 13 different countries or regions.
Build a perfect home.
In 2009, the company has formed a sofa, bedding, mattress and other series, a variety of production, supply and marketing integration of the business model, with more than 30,000 square meters of modern production plant, more than 500 employees and a high-quality production management team and first-class design team.

Company profile

Foshan Shunde Longjiang Town Ronghua Furniture Co., Ltd. is a research, design, production, sales, planning, service-oriented software furniture manufacturing industry. The products are leather soft bed, cloth bed, mattress, bedding as the main body, the factory is committed to product culture and artistic quality of excavation and upgrading. Blending Chinese and Western family culture, creating their own consistent style.
We put people first, attach importance to talent, advocate science, respect scientific attitude, and integrate this concept into product and management. In line with the management concept of "space taste in the innovative era, deduction of the classic fashion of the century", we introduce world-class equipment and advanced technology.
Environmental awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. We will combine the concept of "green, environmental protection and health" to make real "green furniture" products, display the charm of personality, and integrate into the perceptual life of urban people.
Ronghua furniture has elegant, noble, luxurious, romantic and warm design style, using pure cotton fabric, high-density combing technology, soft handle; strong water absorption; fabric surface to maintain a permanent silky luster; in style design, embroidery, printing, leather-based, combined with modern technology and accessories, the art Color, fashion elements and modern home technology are integrated into a unique artistic effect.
In just a few years, the company strives for survival by quality, development by reputation, and the purpose of the market, dedicated to serving the vast number of merchants and consumers. Products in major cities across the country have established a huge sales network, and exported to the United States, Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other places.